Francois Pinton


Handmade in France, using rare materials, François Pinton frames are created with passion and practice of a trade that requires expression of French tradition and individuality.

Expert Hands

The craftsmen of the Pinton House know how to judge the quality of a block of raw acetate, to correct a line, to adjust a bridge, to dress a mount like a precious and fragile object.

Passionate creativity.

Creativity in the Eyewear is the hand of the man at the service of his imagination that makes the difference. High eyewear is also a complete range of ancestral know-how. Poetry and more.

The Art of Lunette.

To understand the great art of creating glasses, you have to master all aspects of the production chain.

Specific know-how.

The realization of only one of these frames sometimes requires a dozen different trades: draftsman, model maker, crimper, polisher ... which require technicality, meticulousness, passion, and therefore as many seasoned professionals.

Neat details.

Riveted hinges, Italian acetates, hot stamping, ...: Pinton models are true works of art.

The acetate.

Cellulose acetate is a hypoallergenic material, derived from cotton, which has the ability to be flexible without deforming. François Pinton frames are hand made in cellulose acetate from Italy.

Trevor Williams Optometry is proud to stock François Pinton in Brisbane, Australia