Francois Pinton


Handmade in France, using rare materials, François Pinton frames are created with passion and practice of a trade that requires expression of French tradition and individuality.

Expert Hands

The craftsmen of the Pinton House know how to judge the quality of a block of raw acetate, to correct a line, to adjust a bridge, to dress a mount like a precious and fragile object.

Passionate creativity.

Creativity in the Eyewear is the hand of the man at the service of his imagination that makes the difference. High eyewear is also a complete range of ancestral know-how. Poetry and more.

The Art of Lunette.

To understand the great art of creating glasses, you have to master all aspects of the production chain.

Specific know-how.

The realization of only one of these frames sometimes requires a dozen different trades: draftsman, model maker, crimper, polisher ... which require technicality, meticulousness, passion, and therefore as many seasoned professionals.

Neat details.

Riveted hinges, Italian acetates, hot stamping, ...: Pinton models are true works of art.

The acetate.

Cellulose acetate is a hypoallergenic material, derived from cotton, which has the ability to be flexible without deforming. François Pinton frames are hand made in cellulose acetate from Italy.

Featured Frames

Air 7 - Gold Turquoise
Gypset 1 - Gold Pink
Antique 2 - Gold
Gypset 7 -  Silver Tortoise Shell

Trevor Williams Optometry is proud to stock François Pinton in Brisbane, Australia